Gustus believed he was ultimately protecting Lexa from assassination attempts by her own people. Everything seemed to be looking up for Jasper, when suddenly he was impaled by a spear that had been thrown from across the river. that he would populate the City of Light with his people, and the first person he attempted to recruit was John Murphy, who refused to take the "Key" or chip. Because the 100 are sent on a mission, it is imperative that the people of the Ark keep track of them, especially if they want to find out if Earth is habitable for humans. Polis is the capital city for the coalition of the 12 clans. 6 Min, 5 Minute Quiz If it's not easy being twelve years old in confinement on a ship floating through space, then it must feel impossible being twelve years old being sent to explore a possibly deadly radioactive Earth. Because of the one-child law on the Ark, Bellamy couldn't ask anyone to help his mother as she gave birth to a baby girl. Nothing builds a bond faster than running for your life from a giant mutant creature. free robux quiz. Connaissez-vous vraiment Danse avec les célébrités ? Êtes-vous prêt à relever le défi ? They do have a creative solution, however, as a previous effort to preserve the history of what life was like on Earth before the nuclear war, the people of Mount Weather saved thousands of famous paintings, displayed throughout the facilities and stores in a huge warehouse. Her mother was floated and Bellamy was demoted to maintenance. Quiz des Anges . » conçu et réalisé par l’Onisep Nord-Pas de Calais, ce quiz vous permet de découvrir dans le site 100 métiers en Languedoc-Roussillon des métiers et des secteurs proches de vos intérêts. Clarke, in an effort to help her father, assaults a guard and is also arrested. Quiz Quel personnage de 'The 100' es-tu ? Despite the irony, the Ark is for humans only, and animals only exist in books and stories of memories. The former Chancellor Diana Sydney led a rebellion and stole the Exodus drop ship, which left the Ark crippled. With no rules on Earth like there have been on The Ark, the Sky People must choose to either live with the Grounders or prepare to fight. The one time Bellamy, her elder brother, encouraged her to venture out, she was caught and imprisoned for being a second child. She tried to have Abby, Clarke's mom, kill herself in order to force Clarke into choosing between letting her mom die and taking the chip. Weather, she is the Commander of Death. +1 pour la reactivité! Grounders use this language in many of their sacred ceremonies celebrating life and death. Some are even to repulsed to call her by her own name, giving her a nickname know throughout all of the different clans and people, especially when there is a warrant for her to be brought to her death. Synopsis. This is because this Quiz Diva test has a total of 42 possible questions but you will only be given a selection of 20.So be sure to match your Country question and photo with our question and photo below. Finn was definitely one for romantic gestures, even finding art supplies for Clarke to enjoy in a hidden underground bunker. The City of Light is part of the artificial intelligence program, A.L.I.E. What is the first animal the 100 see when they arrive on Earth? nope. What is Maya's favourite painting? Monty's father was killed by an Azgeda Grounder. Emori is a Grounder, meaning her genetics have allowed her to survive the radioactivity on Earth. peut etre faire attention au rangement des persos, ce serait pas mal soit que l'ordre chronologique soit totalement respecté soit un ordre alphabetique Luckily for the 100, living in space meant living in a space susceptible to high levels of radioactivity, which means whatever radioactivity levels are still on Earth leave them unaffected. Search, watch, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place! He was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth on April 14th, 1865, not long after the end of the Civil War. Thelonious promised A.L.I.E. 5 Min, 7 Minute Quiz Share on Facebook. With great power comes great responsibility, so for the Chancellor of Ark Station no crime can go without consequence. So long as Roan is king, Clarke and the 100 could work to solve the impending radiation crisis. Can You Match 100% Of These Secondary Characters To Their 90s TV Show? It contains the memories of all previous Commanders and can only be safely implanted in Grounders with nightblood. On a radiation-filled planet full of different clans trying to kill each other to survive there are bound to be a few hurdles, but Clarke always found a way to keep the fiery romantic passion burning as hot as "Prim Fiyah.". Lexa invited Skaikru - the Sky People - to join the coalition. - Q1: Que ferais-tu pour les gens que tu aimes ? Testez votre culture générale avec ces 100 questions/ réponses. What annual holiday is celebrated on the Ark? Often referring to her as "princess," the pair would often seclude themselves in an effort to preserve their sanity in a world full of chaos. It's a losing battle and it has left her unpopular with many clans - including her own. Monty used to live in Farm Station, which was also Pike's station. There's a The 100 quiz for everyone. Trouvez le nom de 100 personnages Disney (principaux ou non). A topic of daily controversy on the ship, what is the punishment for any crime on the Ark? They discovered that filtering Grounders' blood through their systems could help them heal from radiation exposure. In retaliation for this, Lexa killed Queen Nia. It’s a little bit of “Lost” meets a little bit of “Lord of the Flies” as these teens explore what’s left of the planet in in an effort to survive. Our online 100 trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top 100 … With five seasons of The CW series so far and a sixth season on the way, it’s time to test your knowledge and find out just how well you’ve been paying attention. They have also developed a special language, allowing them to speak privately in front of anyone who does not understand their native tongue. On the Ark, women were only allowed to have one child due to severely limited resources. wondersOFimagination. In the season 3 finale, A.L.I.E. Clarke is wise not to trust anyone right away. Cuanto conoces sobre The 100 (hundred) - ¿Quien es la escritora de la novela? Suitable for pub quizzes, team building, to test your knowledge, or just general entertainment. 3. This Disney Quiz Will Reveal Which Popular "The 100" Character You Are. En effet, pas de match analysé mais, comme nous sommes en période de grandes vacances, l'équipe s'est dit que ce serait plutôt sympa de vous proposer un épisode 100% quiz. They were owed the pain and blood of 18 deaths, so Lexa sentenced Finn to Death by a Thousand Cuts. encountered people who would not willingly consent, she found ways to force them to consent, usually by hurting or killing their loved ones. Augustus had an older sister named Octavia, who Bellamy chose to name his little sister after. When The 100 first landed on the ground what was the first animal they saw? Quiz Questions General Knowledge Quiz Part 1. Raven Reyes was the first person to ever earn a perfect score on the zero-g exam, but she failed her physical due to a heart murmur. "The 100" takes place 97 years after a nuclear apocalypse that all but decimated Earth and its inhabitants. 1. General Knowledge 1 – 10 . With her own daughter sent to Earth, Abby is driven by maternal instinct to find out if the 100 are alive. She is responsible for fixing any mechanical problems and even secretly helps Abby build a drop ship to return to Earth. Browse through and take the 100 quizzes. She uses this ship to land on Earth, but her welcome isn't exactly warm. After taking a chip, people's memories are uploaded to the system, which stores their being even after their physical death. 7. Pour faire notre quizz il vous suffit de cliquer >>> ICI. 1. "Yu gonplei ste odon" translates to "your fight is over," and "ai hod yu in" translates to "I love you.". When A.L.I.E. 40% Complete (success) 1: do u have robux. One of the most aggravating games ever created! Trying to escape the planet and enter the City of Light. 6 Minute Quiz It was created by the neuroscientist Becca in an attempt to make up for the damage caused by the original A.L.I.E. Maya, having only ever lived in Mount Weather, truly appreciates the paintings. Who was Lincoln drawing in his sketch book? By clicking "Sign Up" you are agreeing to our 3) Name the … She is, however, a Nomadic Grounder, travelling from place to place and is not attached to any clan specifically. After all, at the end of the day everyone will do whatever it is to protect their own clan. If you have a web site or blog, you can self-promote with your quiz. The Impossible Quiz...It's not impossible! As leader of Skaikru, Kane was branded on his forearm with the mark of the coalition. Aside from the flotations, sacrifices, and lack of oxygen, the Ark does try to maintain a normalcy and even celebrates an annual holiday. Enjoy the freedom. We want you to laugh at past memories that helped shape the person you’ve become. Answer: Xylography. 1-100 of our Free General Knowledge Quizzes from Once the Grounders became physically dependent on the serum, they were willing to do anything to get it, and the combined effects of the torture and chemicals turned them into Reapers. AI. They were at constant war with iIe Nation Grounders, and each Farm Station survivor was a "Grounder-killer," a fact of which they were proud. The Flame is an artificial intelligence, otherwise known as A.L.I.E. This game has simple graphics, suitable for all ages, especially children and families. Which one of these clans do not exist? Between the love triangles, secret affairs, and tragic demise – this series isn’t leaving any romantic stone unturned, and for one of the main characters, Clarke Griffin, she doesn’t have a problem finding love until the love becomes the problem. To save her people she must kill other clans, and to save clans she must sacrifice her people. : Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, Finn, Raven ou encore Murphy. It also eliminates the ability to feel pain. He said Chancellor Jaha's strict rules reminded him of the Emperor Augustus, who he had read about with his mom. Grounders have spent their time on Earth developing many different skills to survive. Clarke, Octavia, Raven, or Bellamy? Often only coming together to battle, either with each other or all against Skikru, it can be a bit difficult to keep track. Partly in an effort to conserve oxygen and partly to discover if Earth is at all inhabitable. Finn found the bunker and invited Clarke to join him there. Weather-Washington, D.C., area. She allowed Clarke to say goodbye to Finn, and Clarke took the opportunity to kill Finn before the Grounders could torture him to death. Luckily for the 100, living in space meant living in a space susceptible to high levels of radioactivity, which means whatever radioactivity levels are still on Earth leave them unaffected. Trouvez en 10 minutes 100 personnages de la saga Harry Potter. He creates detailed maps for survival, sketches his surroundings and landmarks, and keeps notes to remember certain poisons, remedies, and antidotes. Nia believed Costia knew Lexa's secrets because of their intimate relationship. All crimes are taken seriously on the Ark and all crimes are punishable by death. 2.0 and the spirit of the Commander. Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States. quiz des metiers qui vous ressemblent Adapté du quiz « Quel métier pour moi ? Titus intended to kill Clarke and pin the murder on John Murphy, but he accidentally shot Lexa instead. But not before Finn took the fall for a rogue spacewalk he set up for Raven when they thought she'd never be able to do it otherwise. (QUIZ) Emily Hannemann June 17, 2018, 11:00 am. How does Niylah get by? Life, death, and everything in between are extremely important for Grounders, as they are natural born survivors. Commanders are something that the Trikru do not take lightly. Many Ice Nation Grounders were upset with King Roan for his decision to honor the alliance with the Sky People instead of killing Wanheda and taking her power, so an ambassador thought he would solve the problem by challenging an injured King Roan to a fight. With the exception of minors under the age of eighteen, any crime committed, no matter how minor it may seem, is punishable the same as an even more serious offence. Play on to find out! 100 Easy Pub Quiz … informed Clarke of her prediction that in 6 months time, 96% of the earth would be inhabitable due to global radiation rising to fatal levels. Méga-quiz de culture générale en 100 questions : jusqu’où irez-vous ? In order to maintain a sense of order in space, Ark Station developed a strict set of rules, policies, and procedures. The City of Light is a simulated "safe haven" originally thought to be accessed by crossing a desert, but of course it's not that simple. Quiz The 100 : Quiz sur ma série coup de coeur 'The 100' actuellement en diffusion aux Etats-Unis. Mt. Because Finn massacred 18 Grounders, Lexa could not move forward with the alliance between the Grounders and Sky People. There are 12 Grounder clans in the Mt. For Charlotte, these aren't the only hardships she faces. Turning Grounders into Reapers using an intense and highly addictive drug, killing Grounders to use their blood for healing, or even trying to kill the 100 for their bone marrow through the Harvest Project - nobody really likes the Mountain Men anymore. Faute de pouvoir effrayer vos voisins lors de la chasse aux bonbons, la rédaction vous propose de vous faire peur grâce à un quiz 100% films d'horreur, spécial Halloween. What is the ultimate downfall of Mount Weather? Gustus tried to frame Raven for the poisoning, which would have brought an end to the alliance between the Sky People and the Grounders, but Clarke exposed his set-up. 7 Min. Exposure to radiation resulted in severe, often fatal burns and poisoning for the Mountain Men. When the 100 make their way to Earth it's obvious that the Grounders would take a cautious interest to discover who they really are. Some Grounders choose to become Nomad's on their own, but in Emori's case, her family cast her out considering her a stain in the bloodline. Clarke attempts to do the right thing all the time. privacy policy The late Ice Nation Queen Nia kidnapped, tortured, murdered, and cut off the head of Lexa's former lover, Costia. Publié le 3 mai 2019 Quiz de culture générale. 2: have u friended brodude782 ? Wells' father - the Chancellor - had executed both of her parents. Jasper, one of the 100, seems to be a pretty average guy. Ice Nation is also known as Azgeda. They feature a fierce group of hunters and warriors. Why is Emori considered a stain in her family's bloodline? With limited oxygen, supplies, and shelter on the Ark, animals are definitely not an option. Only the most dedicated fans will be able to ace this quiz. And just what do these underage criminals do when they survive the bumpy landing? Partly in an effort to conserve oxygen and partly to discover if Earth is at all inhabitable. When Dante's Mountain Men attempt to rescue Clarke and her friends from Earth and bring them into Mount Weather, she isn't happy about it. The clans are: Trikru, Azgeda, Floukru, Sankru, Yujleda, Ouskejon Kru, Delfikru, Trishana Kru, Podakru, Ingranrona Kru, Boudalan Kru, and Louwoda Kliron. The 100 are determined to survive and save the rest of the Sky People and Grounders in the process. What could be possibly be crazier than trying to survive on a post-apocalyptic planet Earth? As far as the original twelve clans go, they come from all different parts of the planet, all with their Commander wanting to reign supreme over the other clans.